Tour operators tell if it is dangerous to rest in Turkey after the earthquake

Russians, who are now in the tourist regions of Turkey, continue their vacation, there are no organized tourists in the earthquake-stricken regions of the country, tour operators told RIA Novosti.

“Our clients are mainly in Istanbul and the province of Antalya. According to information from the receiving offices in Istanbul, everyone is in touch with the guides and resting according to the program,” the Intourist press service said.

There were no organized tours or visits to the earthquake-affected cities of Gaziantep, Şanlıurf and Diyarbakır this year, the company representative added.

“Yes, there are no tourists in those areas, the tourist areas are calm,” also assured the press service of Anex Tour.

There are no victims and among the tourists of Tez Tour. All clients of the tour operator continue their holidays on the coast, told RIA Novosti Voskan Arzumanov, general director of the company. “The earthquake occurred in the area of Pazardzhik in Kahramanmaraş province, according to the host company Tez Tour in Turkey, the earth tremors in the resort regions of Antalya were not noticed. Clients of the company continue their holidays in the booked hotels of the coast, all the excursion programs will be held according to the schedule,” he said.

Earlier on Monday, Maya Lomidze, executive director of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia (ATOR), also told RIA Novosti that the earthquake did not occur in the tourist zone, and there are no Russian organized tourists in the affected regions.

The earthquake with magnitude 7.4 occurred at 04.17 on February 6 in Kahramanmaras Province in Turkey and caused destruction in a number of cities. According to the Office of Emergency Situations, 76 people were killed in seven provinces and 440 were injured. Devastation was also reported in several regions of Syria, and the earthquake was also felt in the Lebanese capital Beirut. According to the latest data of Ministry of Health of Syria, 237 people became victims of earthquake in the country and 639 people were injured.

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