Kazakhstan continues to buy real estate in Turkey

Despite the earthquake in Turkey, Kazakhstanis continue to be interested in their real estate. However, the inquiries have changed significantly. If previously they were looking for cheaper options, now they are asking for information about the quality of the building and seismic conditions, reports IA NewTimes.kz with reference to Channel 31.

Real estate in Turkey is popular among Kazakhstanis. Last year, our citizens have bought more than 2,000 homes there. Our country is in fourth place among foreigners to purchase apartments in Turkey. Most real estate is bought in the west and south of Turkey, where there was no devastating earthquake.

“In the east of Turkey, in the region of Hatayya, Malatya, Kahramanmarash, in principle, foreigners have never bought real estate. There is very little demand from foreigners on the border with Syria, only interested in the domestic market,” said Alexandra Kabahci, head of sales of the international real estate agency.

The earthquake in Turkey has not had a significant impact on prices. Demand among foreigners for housing remained at the same level, experts say. But before buying in the first place they began to focus on the seismic zone of the area. Buyers are carefully studied the typical structure of houses. In the largest cities the prices for apartments start from 150 thousand dollars. And still some have changed their minds to link their future with this country.

“Kazakhs who have long lived in Turkey, are not going to move from here. But those who came relatively recently, for example, a month or two ago, are writing on social networks that they are going back to Kazakhstan”, said Kairat Nurkanat, a resident of Turkey.

Experts say there will be no price reduction, arguing that the earthquake in eastern Turkey destroyed thousands of buildings and that many residents of affected areas intend to move to other parts of the country. And the increased demand will only increase prices per square meter.

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