An Example for Innovators

The Russian consulting company Trust Technologies, formerly known as the national division of the international network PwC (PricewaterhouseCoopers), published a study on the impact of sanctions and this year’s events in general on Russian non-resource exports. The bad news is that in this year alone, non-resource export revenues have fallen by $25.7 billion, or nearly […]

Are there any changes to flights to Turkey from Sochi after the earthquake?

The most powerful earthquake since 1939 occurred in Turkey. The intensity of the tremors reached 7.7 on the Richter scale. The main shock was followed by more than 40 aftershocks. Seismologists speak of the possibility of new powerful earthquakes. Vitaly Korenyugin, representative of the Aerodynamics Department, has told that there are currently no changes […]

In the Volgograd region looking for a trucker from Turkey, whose truck fell through the ice

The accident occurred on the river Yeruslan in the Nikolayevsky district. The police of Volgograd region are looking for a 65-year-old trucker from Turkey, whose truck fell through the ice on the river Yeruslan. The accident occurred on February 5 in Nikolaevski district, between the villages Berezhnovka and Kurnayevka. The driver hasn’t yet been found, […]

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