In the Volgograd region looking for a trucker from Turkey, whose truck fell through the ice

The accident occurred on the river Yeruslan in the Nikolayevsky district.

The police of Volgograd region are looking for a 65-year-old trucker from Turkey, whose truck fell through the ice on the river Yeruslan. The accident occurred on February 5 in Nikolaevski district, between the villages Berezhnovka and Kurnayevka. The driver hasn’t yet been found, reported in the regional Department of Internal Affairs of Russia.

  • They inspected the bank of the river, surveyed the neighboring buildings, questioned the residents, in order to determine the possible location of the man, – told the department.

The truck “DAF,” owned by a Turkish company, went under the water near the ferry, which does not operate in winter. The ice 200 meters from the shore has not supported the weight of the truck. Now, rescue operations are underway at the scene. Police will have to establish all the circumstances of the accident and determine the fate of the 65-year-old truck driver. There is almost no chance to find him alive.

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